Like the choices for PC Races, the NPC Races are broken up into Major (FTL-developed) and Minor (FTL-adapted) classes.

Major Races

  • Hivers
  • Hivers are a race based on sixfold symmetry. Of all the major races they are the most “alien” to humans in both appearance and thought patterns. Despite their name Hivers actually have a highly individualistic society. They avoid where possible direct violence and war, preferring instead to work behind the scenes via covert manipulation and psychohistory.

  • Demu
  • Ochus

Minor Races

  • Newts
  • The Bawapakerwa-a-a-awapawab, as they call themselves, are a slightly built, fastidious, conservative, bureaucratically-inclined race of bipedal amphibians native to Marhaban. “Bwaps” are the most widespread of the Minor Races, and can be found throughout much of human space.

  • Sholarron


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