The Basic information is taken primarily from

Wikipedia and Traveller Wiki, the races

originally came from the listed game systems

(with some modifcations):

Traveller (in various incarnations): Aslan, Droyne,

Hivers, K’Kree, Vargr, Humaniti (Solomani, Vilani,

Zhodani), Ael Yal, Darrians, Irklan, Newts and Virushi.

Star Frontiers: Dralasites (maybe) and Vrusk

Alien Legion: Demu, Fraal, Ochus, T’sa, Bushok,

Jantek and Sesheyan.

SH: Terran Empire: Zurites, Mon’dabi, Sholarron and Perseids.


Not What You Wanted?

If the choices listed do not take your fancy, or you

have a character concept in mind that doesn’t fit with

any of the listed races please let me know and we’ll

see what we can do…after all it’s your game!

Common Races found across the universe in the campaign are listed below and are subcategorized as Major or Minor Races.

A Major Race is considered any race/culture that achieved faster-than-light-travel (FTL), otherwise known as Jump Technology, without outside assistance.

A Minor Race is one that was discovered by a Major Race before achieving Jump Technology.

Major Races

  • Aslan
  • Aslan are a bipedal species of vaguely feline appearance, slightly larger than human. Aslan society is organized into competitive clans, has a strict code of honor and very strict gender roles.

  • Droyne
  • Droyne are a short-statured, winged bipedal race of reptilian appearance. Droyne by nature are a highly conservative and group-oriented race, with a caste-based system dependent upon a combination of ritual and biology. They are scattered as independent communities on worlds throughout known space, their homeworld unknown even to them. A semi-intelligent sub-class, known as Chirpers, consist of Droyne colonies which have lost the ability to caste, and with it all knowledge of technological society or interstellar travel.

  • K’Kree
  • K’kree are a race of massive individuals having 2 arms and 4 legs, reminding humans somewhat of Centaurs. Their homeworld is Kirur, far to trailing of human-dominated space, from which they rule a large interstellar polity known as “The 2,000 Worlds.” K’kree psychology is evolved from herding instincts, thus they are rarely found alone and fear enclosed places. Early in their pre-starfairing history, the K’kree were traumatized by a “close encounter” with an intelligent species of exceptionally cruel carnivore, and as a result they have evolved into a society of hierarchical, reactionary, militant and often aggressive herbivores with a disdain (often carried to genocidal extremes) for meat eating of any kind.

  • Vargr
  • Vargr are a bi-pedal canine species, slightly smaller than humans. They are canine stock taken from Terra that were genetically manipulated by the Ancients to an intelligent bipedal form in an attempt to create suitable servants. Vargr social dynamics can be seen as an extension of the pack behavior of Terran canines; groups form around charismatic Vargr (analogous to the “alpha” member of a dog or wolf pack), take their direction from that individual, and either change leadership due to a challenge or dissolve when the leader is no longer in the group. Vargr nations and interstellar states follow this same pattern, leading to a large number of Vargr states in the Vargr Extents coreward of the Imperium that are constantly clashing, splitting, and joining. (The name Vargr comes from the Old Norse for “wolves”).

  • Humaniti
  • Humaniti is the spelling used for human beings in the Third Imperium. When the humans of Terra first reached out to travel to the stars most were very surprised to find that they were not alone: other humans were already there (due to the machinations of the Ancients). As three separate sub-races of humans independently developed jump drive technology, they are often classified as Major Races in their own right.


      The Solomani of Earth (called Terra in Traveller). After discovering jump-drive technology, the Solomani conquered the stagnant First Imperium of the Vilani, and subsequently founded the Second Imperium, or “Rule of Man.”


      The Vilani of Vland. The Vilani were the first humans to invent the jump drive, and created the Ziru Sirka (“The Grand Empire [of Stars]”), or First Imperium. Traditional Vilani society is highly caste-based, prizes cooperation over individuality, and is extremely conservative. As the ecosystem of their homeworld is indigestible to humans in its raw state, Vilani cuisine (and much of its culture) is based on fermentation techniques.


      The Zhodani of Zhdant (occasionally referred to as Zhodane). The Zhodani are known for their high level of psychic ability, as well the formal integration of psychic powers (primarily telepathy) into their polity, the Zhodani Consulate. Originally the Zhodani were presented as uncomplicated, vaguely-oriental mind-controlling “bad guys” for the setting; over time the Zhodani have evolved (especially in the New Era setting) into a more merit-based, transparently “honest” society (in comparison to psionically-averse humans, whom the Zhodani regard as duplicitous, thieving crooks).

  • Dralasite
  • Dralasites are short, gray amoeboid creatures capable of changing their form to a limited extent by extending and retracting pseudopods. Lacking a digestive system, they consume their food by surrounding and absorbing it. A network of nerves and veins intersects at a Dralasite’s two eye spots. They cannot see colors, but have a well-developed sense of smell. They have a sense of humor that the other races often find strange or quirky, and a love of bad puns.

  • Vrusk
  • Vrusk are an insect-like (arthropoid) race with eight walking legs and two five-clawed manipulating arms. Their ant-like heads included two antennae and two mandibles. They are omnivorous. They are noted for their logical minds and their society is structured as commercial ventures. Many Vrusk give their company name before their given name.

  • Fraal
  • T’sa
  • Zurites
  • Mon’dabi
  • Perseid
  • Minor Races

    • Ael Yal
    • One of the few known sentient species capable of winged flight, the Ael Yael appear to resemble humanoid pterodactyls with a pair of leathery wings on their backs. They are native to Jaeyela, a world whose dying oceans make it a trove of easily accessible mineral wealth. The resulting exploitation of their planet (and with it their species) by amoral corporate interests has left them with a deep seated animosity for all forms of private industry.

    • Darrians
    • A technologically precocious people, Darrians are tall, thinly-built humans with characteristically pointed ears. They evolved an elf-like appearance after 300,000 years of adaptation on a world with half the gravity of Terra. Unfortunately, they nearly destroyed themselves over a millennia earlier in a stellar physics experiment gone wrong which induced sub-nova solar flares in their system’s star.

    • Irklan
    • Virushi
    • A race of large centauroids from a heavy-gravity world, Virushi are about 3 meters long and 1.8 meters tall at the shoulder. They have four pairs of limbs giving them four legs and four arms; the upper pair of arms are slender while the lower pair are thick and muscular. Their bodies and heads resemble that of a Terran rhinoceros complete with a large horn protruding from the top of their snouts. Despite their hulking demeanor, Virushi are well known for their gentle nature and pacifistic beliefs.

    • Bushok
    • Jantek
    • Sesheyan


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