Character Creation

Don’t Forget…

Characters created here need only

use their points for Characteristics,

Skills, Perks, Talents, and specific Powers.

(Remember a lot of these will be “bought”

through Racial and Profession Templates.

Equipment and Weapons (including ships)

will be picked up in-game.

You can buy them initially but it may be

a waste of points!.

This combination of Star Hero, Traveller, Star Wars, Star Hero, Terran Empire, Alien Legion and Star Frontiers campaign is set in a medium (?) Sci-Fi environment with elements of space opera themes.

Characters will initially be created as 150pt characters – 100 Base Pts and 50 Disadvantage Pts.

All players will be expected to take a race template (except humans) and at least one career template – after this the players can spend the remaining points on whatever they like. Optionally an Environmental template (Heavy Worlder, Spacer, and Selkie) can also be taken.

Equipment will be purchased throughout the game – characters will start off with XXXXX credits.

Character Creation

Traveller Hero brytan